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Appleby Gate Group Training

Work Out On Your Doorstep Around Your Estate on photo (5)Appleby Gate!

Do you hardly use your gym membership and would prefer to workout around where you live? Love the gym but want to occasionally do something different? Then these sessions WILL be for you!

‘Over the past few months I have been working out with Andy around the Appleby Estate and in the Nidd Gorge and I can honestly say I never felt better! I used to go the the gym but I realise now how easy I made it for myself – Andy’s sessions challenge me and my fitness levels have improved dramatically. I like the routine of fixed times each week and it means I never miss a session and each workout is different too – in fact we’ve never done the same one twice! It’s a great start to my week on Monday mornings and I love exploring the neighbourhood – we really do live in a beautiful spot and with a few layers of clothing the weather makes no difference! Definitely give it a try – it will make a difference to you and you won’t be disappointed!

Helen 32, Appleby Estate

No sitting down!

No sitting down!

“The sessions have helped me to improve my fitness and have pushed me in different ways compared to the exercise I usually do on my own. I have really enjoyed the sessions, they are so convenient and fit well into the working day and I always feel great afterwards.”

Katie 21, Appleby Estate

What Kind Of Exercise Does It Involve?

All the sessions are based around body weight exercises; squats, lunges, sprints and upper body exercises to increase strength, power and enable your muscles to tone up. All the exercises are a great way to make the strains and stresses of everyday life easier and you’ll lose weight too!

You will do sprints and running intervals to improve your endurance. The sessions in the woods sometimes involves running at a slower pace but for longer with various exercises planned along the way. There are steps to sprint up, benches for upper body work and the swings for great core work! Being a small group means I can tailor the exercises to everybody’s individual needs so you don’t need to feel pressured that you have to keep up with someone else. Similarly I can push you to work harder if you finish before others or are a faster runner. We will stick together and motivate each other at all times though.

Your first session is FREE – give it a try if you want to make some serious changes to how you feel and look and make some new friends on the estate! It really will be great fun!

“I only went for one session and now I am hooked! Now in my fifties I had stopped exercising, as well as re-building my fitness the thing I enjoy the most is the feel good factor I get after each session. I’m straight off to work and it gives me more energy and enthusiasm for the rest of the day.”

Jane, in her fifties, Appleby Estate


Best wishes and I look forward to meeting you,

Your first session is FREE – what have you got to lose?!

Starts soon – call Andy on 07540606503 for more details.

Price: £77 for 10 sessions to be used as you choose over a 3 month period

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