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Are You Fit For Business?

The Benefits Of An Exercise Routine

I hope 2014 has been a productive business year for you; however, as your business has developed over the past 12 months have you taken the time to consider how your health and well-being has fared and is your mind and body ready for the rigours of a busy 2015?

A Balancing Act

We all know how difficult it is to balance the pressures of daily life and work with looking after your body. Exercise in its many forms is a proven stress reliever, increases energy levels, allows you to sleep more restfully and if done as a group it can be a great addition to your social circle and network. The bottom line is if you are fit you will be more productive and more likely to be a success.

Success of Early Risers

It is not a co-incidence that a common quality of many people in top jobs world-wide is a regular workout, usually the first task they complete. Not all of them necessarily enjoy it but the key is they do it consistently, recognise its importance and working out first thing means it gets ticked off and done.

Make it your choice

It doesn’t have to be extreme, nor done every day or take hours. The main thing is is finding something you enjoy; gyms don’t work for everyone and the New Year rush soon fades. Could you manage an early morning run or swim? Is there an early spin class near you or an outdoor boot camp? Even just getting out for a walk is one of the best ways to clear your head and prepare you for the day ahead.

Fixed routine

If the sport or exercise times are fixed that can make commitment easier if you have a regular diary, then you can plan your day around sessions, rather than having to make time to fit a work out in, which is often far more difficult for most to stick to.

Body image

Whether we like it or not how we look does influence some people’s first impressions of us; just as what we say does, what impression our clothes gives and the impactof our displayed body language. Should we be judged on our appearance rather than our skill or ambition? Clearly not, and if you are thinking about losing some weight, getting fitter, attempting a physical challenge or just want to try a new activity the New Year is a great time to start. Work out the times of the week you can spare, negotiate childcare responsibilities and make it happen – your body and mind will be glad you did and so will your business.

Andy Gardner is a Personal Trainer and owner of Harrogate Fitness Formula and Director of Armed Forces Fitness Ltd, an outdoor exercise provider with venues in Harrogate and Wetherby

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