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If you have a demanding job, it can be hard to squeeze in a gym session, a yoga class or a tennis match into your already overbearingly busy routine.

With this in mind, at Harrogate Fitness Formula we are looking to work with local businesses to get them “fit for business” allowing them to thrive in and out of the office.

Keeping in shape makes you feel good on the inside and look good on the outside. Your new found positivity and energy will improve your attitude to work and increase your productivity in the office, all of which could secure you a promotion or at the very least more recognition.

If you’re wondering why having a professional fitness instructor connected to your business could be beneficial, you just need to look at the negative influence the colleagues around you may be having on the health of the workforce:

  1. Group Decisions – When it comes to nutrition, where and what you eat may subtly be influenced by your colleagues/employees preferences. After deciding where to take your lunch, what to pack for tomorrow or where to dine after work; the likelihood of choosing the healthy alternative is slim. With group guidance and an improved attitude to healthy living at work – your go-to greasy takeaway can turn into a nutritious and balanced lunchtime feast. Unhealthy, heavy food will lead to a lacklustre work performance so it’s important to improve your workforce’s routine!
  2. Poor habits – Inevitably you will observe your colleagues/employees often sat down slumped in front of a computer desk consuming sugar-packed teas and coffees and eating biscuits or cake whenever they like. Their choices outside the office may not be dissimilar to what you see at work and it is likely you and those around you will pick up similar unwanted habits. With a fitness instructor linked to your business your attitude to health as a group will change and exercise can be incorporated into your routine. Your increase in energy will know no bounds!

When it comes to healthy living there is unquestionably strength in numbers. Working towards a healthy lifestyle with your employees and colleagues provides support, accountability and motivation. Whilst receiving guidance from a professional fitness instructor, your colleagues will act as your coach and teammate, leading to not only an improvement in your health but also an improvement in cooperation within the office. Keeping fit and productivity go hand in hand.

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