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Run Technique Instruction

Do you find running or jogging a chore?

Do you enjoy running but suffer with muscle or foot pain for days afterwards?

Do you want to improve your run times or efficiency?

If so, running technique instruction may be for you.

I offer a full video analysis of your running style in a private gym in central Harrogate. Using a variety of drills and techniques; the aim of these sessions is to transform your ability to run more efficiently, and in turn, vastly reduce your chances of injury from running.

“I can recommend this session – in the space of 90 minutes with Andy I figured out what I’ve been doing wrong all these years! Long way to go till I’m running like the Brownlees but we’ve all got to start somewhere!!”

David ‘Harry’ Harrsion – Ironman, Marathon, and sub-18 minute 5K runner

Forefoot Running Technique

We are all born to run and today’s running trainers allow anyone to jog or run without any specific technical skills. However, a Harvard University study showed that unskilled joggers are more likely to run with a heel strike gait and are twice as likely to suffer from running related injuries.

Run technique instruction helps development of a forefoot strike gait. Starting with analysis of your current gait and developing new skills through specific drills, we introduce the foundations for a new smoother, more relaxed and more efficient running style and hopefully reduce your risk of running injuries.

After the initial session, you will leave with a full set of drills and videos and understand which areas you need to focus on to develop a more efficient run gait.  A one-to-one 75 minute long analysis and assessment session is available at £45 individually or £60 for 2 people.

If you would like a full running analysis to begin altering your style; a session lasts for 100 minutes and is priced at £70. Further follow up sessions to monitor your development are then available from £40 an hour. I always meet clients for a no obligation consultation, often whilst we go for a run, to discuss your running needs.

At £70 a run technique session is cheaper than a new pair of trainers and will equip you with skills that last forever!


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