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Run Assesment Example

An assesment of running style and technique to improve overall running technique.

Assesement was made at running speeds of 8kph, 10kph and 12 kph. Video comparison below is at 12kph.

Chris is 43 years old and training for his first triathalon this spring. Chris’s aims are to improve his overall run technique to enable him to gain better energy efficiency and attain a faster run time. Chris has also been bothered by a sore knee which turned out to be due to a tight Illio-Tibial Band (IT Band) which sports massage has started to alleviate.

Initial Style

  • Leaning forward just slighlty
  • Head looking down
  • Arms swing low and across body
  • Short leg return – under using his glutes
  • Slow cadence of 155
  • Sluggish

After instruction

  • Standing taller, more upright and relaxed
  • Head looking forward
  • Arm swing now more along body and driving elbows back
  • Higher heel on leg return which recruits larger upper leg muscles which will increase energy overall efficiency and power
  • Improved cadence of 172 (optimal 180)
  • Drills to go away and work on

Before after the treadmill assessment sections we also went out on the streets for a short runs to put these new techniques into practice.

Over the next few weeks Chris will introduce these new techniques gradually so they will become second nature.

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